Clyde Quay Wharf

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Location: Wellington

Completed: 2014

Residential; Seismic Retrofit

The Clyde Quay Wharf project involved the conversion of a 100 year old, decaying and earthquake prone wharf into a high-value premium apartment complex with vastly improved public spaces.

The project included repiling, seismic strengthening of the existing wharf, a new car parking garage below the existing wharf deck (partially submerged at high tide) and a new steel-framed apartment superstructure.

The heritage concrete wharf required preservation and strengthening while at the same time providing durable carparking within the aggressive tidal zone. Dunning Thornton worked closely with LT McGuinness to develop innovative solutions to construct carpark elements above the tidal zone and then lower them into position.

The superstructure also had high complexity – with the need to coordinate unobtrusive structural design with maximised ceiling heights throughout the apartments, while maintaining high seismic and gravity performance.

Client: Willis Bond & Co
Architect: Athfield Architects
Contractor: LT McGuinness

Images: Brady Dyer