Meridian Building

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Location: Wellington

Completed: 2007


This was New Zealand’s first purpose-built green office building and we were proud to be involved in its creation. The building’s structural complexity and environmentally sustainable design (ESD) features presented unique engineering challenges.

Unusually for a commercial building, the Wellington waterfront site allowed a freestanding construction, and every elevation is different. One of the most dramatic features is a seven metre wide cantilever providing a sheltered outdoor area on the seaward side. At the north end, a huge sculptural concrete foot anchors the glazed pavilion. The roof, a series of tilting, twisting planes, operates to bring natural light into the centre of the building and to create visual interest for people in taller buildings across the road.

Designed to use up to 60% less power and up to 70% less city water than a conventional building, it employed environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and strategies in its construction including various forms of low cement concrete, exposed thermal mass and structurally integrated services routes.

Client: Dominion Funds Ltd
Architect: Studio Pacific Architecture
Contractor: Fletcher Construction Company

Images: Simon Devitt