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The considerable industry experience and diverse skills of our team are key to Dunning Thornton’s success.

Our company was established in 1979 by Cris Dunning, and quickly built a reputation through construction-related design and alternative engineering solutions.

Adam Thornton joined in 1986, bringing considerable experience in multi-storey design, and in 2004 Paul Brimer & Alistair Cattanach became Directors and Cris Dunning retired.

Adam retired as a Director as of 2017 but remains actively involved in the office, assuming the mantle of Structural Engineer (emeritus) in recognition of his founding role within DTC and his distinguished service.

Today, Dunning Thornton employs approximately 25 people, based in our central Wellington office. Our team has considerable industry experience and diverse skills. Half have been with the firm for over 10 years, providing the stability needed for consistently high-quality work. A wide range of ages and backgrounds ensures a vital and creative environment.

Senior engineering personnel are Chartered Professional Engineers and fulfill comprehensive Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Our senior drafting personnel have extensive industry experience, and run internal training and review processes to ensure their high quality documentation standards are upheld.

Paul and Alistair are very much “working directors” and are involved in the daily running of projects. We enjoy what we do, and believe this positive outlook fosters productive and innovative teamwork, both in design and on site.