We believe that close director involvement in all projects is essential during both design and construction.

Paul and Alistair are hands-on directors who get involved throughout all significant projects.

We think the role of the structural engineer isn’t just to make the architect’s vision stand up – it’s to be part of a team, providing input in a wide range of areas. For this reason, we believe the engineer should be involved right from the beginning of each project.

We maintain close working relationships with most architects, building services engineers and geotechnical consultants in Wellington.

Our core values are: 

  • Sound design through understanding how a real structure will perform. This includes both the ability to be innovative and being prepared to consider many alternatives. 
  • Economy of design. Structures must be affordable and not over designed.
  • Buildability. Structures must be easily and swiftly constructed.
  • Accuracy. The ability to “get it right first time” and take responsibility for our decisions.
  • Teamwork. Interdisciplinary workshopping and encouraging the input of others. 
  • Delivery. Consulting engineers must have the ability and resources to be able to perform to realistic deadlines.